Queenball is currently known as Stormstar, who is the current leader of Tornclan. She was the founder of Tornclan and has been running Tornclan for 3 years. She created this wikia later then she should have, because she thought that people copying the name Tornclan would be less likely. She was proven wrong as people have copied Tornclan's name. Queenball in her earlier life before Tornclan lead 7 other clans. They didn't last as long as Tornclan is lasting. The 7 clans names were, Sunsetclan, Rockclan, Silverclan, Darkclan, Lightclan, Moonclan, and Darkmoonclan. She has lead for most of her time playing animal jam and has never joined a clan. Queenball's appearance is a black she-cat with gray scars and canine fanged claws. She loves battles and will do anything to get enemies. She cares for her alliances too, for when they are at war she always has their backs. Queenball is popular in some clans. When Stormstar (her current character) dies she will become a new cat. Possibly even a less battle-hungry cat.

Theme song:Another way out by:Hollywood Undead