" I Say Hello, They Say Goodbye. They Laugh At Me Because I'm Different. I Laugh At Them Because They Are The Same"~ Ashpelt
I Say Hello To The New Life

The Sight Had Been Blocked In My Eyes, I Had Been Asleep, Laying On The Flat Floor. As My Eyes Creaked Open I Was Forced To See A Male And A Female. One Small, Black Male With A Purple Collar Filled Off What Looked Like Dog Teeth And Cat Claws, He Also Had One White Paw. The Other Was A Grey Female With A Smooth White Undercoat *Why Do I Look So Different?* I Thought In My Head As I Inspected Their Eyes. My Eyes Were Oddly Different. I Fell Out Of Line More Than Anyone Else I Thought. *A-Am I The Only One..?* (wip reqriting)

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